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Auction Bidder RRP Successful Bid End Time
Hotpoint Von 50" HD LED TV
Julius M
Ksh 50,995 Ksh 1,157 Sun 1st Nov 20:00:00
"Thenks Howlow nilipokea TV yangu am very happy.Nilijua about Howlow kupitia kameme FM. Nawaambia Wakenya Howlow ni ya ukweli mzidi kubid ukipata the lowest bid unapata bidhaa yako
Hakuna kudelay"
Pool Table with 2 Cue Sticks, Triangle,
Balls and Chalk PLUS JUST ADDED
Dartboard with Cabinet and Darts
Mary N
Combo Bundle Ksh 223 Sun 1st Nov 19:30:00
Suzuki Alto, 2013 Model, Newest KDA
number plate series
Elizabeth M
Combo Bundle Ksh 372 Sun 1st Nov 19:00:00
"I'm Elizabeth muthoni munyi a resident of Kiandai,Kirinyaga county who bought a car at Ksh.372 in the How low market ....I'm very greatful.... I'll urge my fellow Kenyans to buy
items in this market at low prices as they wish..."
Circular Saw, Chainsaw
Naomi W
Combo Bundle Ksh 110 Sun 1st Nov 18:15:00
"My name is Naomi am happy to buy the saw combo because my husband is a fundi and he will use them for his business. Howlow thank you so much."
5,000L Water tank and water pump
Anthony N
Combo Bundle Ksh 187 Sun 1st Nov 18:15:00
"I am Anthony Njoroge and i came to know about how low through Kameme Fm.Thank you how low because for a bid of ksh 187 i got 5000litres water tank and 1HP water pump.for those who
have not started bidding and those who are in doubt,HOW LOW IS REAL"
Lenovo Laptop PLUS Windows 10, Microsoft
Office and Laptop Bag
Serah W
Ksh 40,000 Ksh 262 Sun 1st Nov 17:30:00
"Naitwa Serah na nimefurahia kununua laptop ya 262. Nitaitumia kusoma. Mbarikiwe sana"
Von Table Top Burner, 13.5kg Gas
Cylinder, Regulator and Pipe, Steel Pots
and Pans Set, 15-piece Knife Set
James M
Combo Bundle Ksh 299 Sun 1st Nov 16:45:00
"This is my third successful bid. I am happy to buy the cooking combo for only 299bob. Howlow is true. Watu wabid kama mimi"
Dream Box Solar Power System: 10W solar
panel, 4000 mAh lithium battery storage,
control hub with 2xUSB sockets, 2x12V
lighting sockets and 1x12V auto socket,
300 lumen LED bulb, 5V rechargeable
portable lantern (Lumi light), 5 phone
charging connecting tips
John G
Combo Bundle Ksh 66 Sun 1st Nov 16:00:00
"I'm John Githegi from Kikuyu, I am a successful bidder in How Low, Where I sent a bid of Ksh 66 for Solar power system, and that was the lowest and unique bid. Now am happy , that
I have just collected the Solar system"
Hedge Trimmer, Spirit Level, Shovel, 20m
Power Cable, Ryobi Angle Grinder
Benson W
Combo Bundle Ksh 54 Sun 1st Nov 15:15:00
"Thanks so much How Low for selling to me Tools Combo at 54/= which was the unique and lowest bid. I will always continue bidding on other items. God bless you all."
Simfer Oven, HiSense Microwave
James M
Combo Bundle Ksh 81 Sun 1st Nov 14:30:00
"Nimenunua microwave na oven Howlow. This Soko is real. People should bid and they will buy like me"
Polaroid Speaker, Headphones, Walkie
Naomi W
Combo Bundle Ksh 40 Sun 1st Nov 14:00:00
"I am again the successful bidder. I have bought the saw combo and thank you Howlow. People should bid because it's true"
Fresian dairy, ready for milk production
Michael M
Combo Bundle Ksh 180 Sun 1st Nov 13:00:00
"Hey, am Michael, winner of fresian cow ready for milk production in the HowLow promotion and my bid was 180. I want to assure you that How low is for real. If you place the lowest
unique bid you can also buy yourself great things with just 20 bob on pay bill number 777892. Just BID BID & BID Thanks to KamemeĀ "
TVS HLX 125 Motorbike (features: USB
charging port, fuel gauge, alloy rims,
integrated footrest with pillion)
Paul G
Ksh 108,000 Ksh 2,988 Sat 31st Oct 08:45:00
"Naitwa Paul kutoka Gatanga. Nimefurahi Sana. Howlow ni ukweli. Nimenunua bike. Wakenya pia washiriki hata wao wabarikiwe. Asanteni Howlow"
TVS HLX 125 Motorbike (features: USB
charging port, fuel gauge, alloy rims,
integrated footrest with pillion)
Lydia M
Ksh 108,000 Ksh 2,484 Thu 29th Oct 21:00:00
"Nimefurahi sana kununua pikipiki yangu. Thank you Howlow mbarikiwe. I will give the bike to my son's so that they can do business with it"
TVS HLX 125 Motorbike (features: USB
charging port, fuel gauge, alloy rims,
integrated footrest with pillion)
Joseph N
Ksh 108,000 Ksh 2,359 Tue 27th Oct 21:00:00
"Thank you Howlow. Nimenunua bike Ksh 2359. I am so happy. Watu wabid hata nyinyi mnunue kama mimi."

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