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The lowest unique bid buys the product!
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If your bid is unique and is the lowest among unique bids, take home the product!

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Key Information:

As soon as you place a bid, you can see if 1) it is a unique bid or 2) it is not a unique bid.

Other things to know:

Most How Low auctions are limited by time.

You can place a single bid or you can have multiple bids.

If there is no Unique bids, the successful customer will be the first bidder of the bid value with the least number of bidders and will be informed by SMS. He is then entitled to order and pay for the product. We will contact you to arrange shipping.

Grab an amazing product for only Ksh 20 or even Ksh 1!

No other site gives you the opportunity to buy incredible items worth hundreds of thousands of shillings for just Ksh 20 or even Ksh 1. If you place the lowest unique bid you can walk away with great new tech products for a fraction of the retail price.

Choose wisely, if your bid is the lowest unique, it's yours!

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New smartphone? Latest laptop? We've got the best products in Kenya right here, all for just Ksh 20 per bid.

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